Interested in joining the McAuley Group?

There are multiple possible funding opportunities available and if you are interested in joining the group then please email Chris with a CV and information about your experience and interests. Funding is competitive and prospective PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers are advised to get in contact well in advance of any deadline.

PhD Position available

A fully funded PhD position is currently available for EU and non-EU citizens. More Information

The Scholarships and funds highlighted below are by no means exhaustive and the group is happy to accept individuals supported on both national and international schemes that are not listed.

PhD Funding

IRC Studentship, covering stipend, fees and consumables. Expected deadline October 2023 View details »

Chinese Scholarship Program, 爱尔兰都柏林圣三一大学 中国国家留学基金管理委员会与爱尔兰都柏林圣三一大学合作奖学金 Expected deadline March 2024 View details »

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme, aims to support local students to pursue studies at world renowned universities outside Hong Kong. Expected deadline December 2023 View details »

Kazakhstan: Bolashak International Scholarship, for full-time training of citizens in the leading foreign higher education institutions. Rolling Deadline View details »

Postdoctoral Funding

IRC postdoctoral fellowships, Early November 2023 View details »

MarieSklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships, Expected September 2023 View details »

Undergraduate Positions

If you may be interested in working in the group as an undergraduate either as part of your Degree course or as a summer-student placement then please email Chris.